Our first step in preparing for any surgical procedure is a thorough consultation and discussion of all treatment options. Even routine surgeries can be stressful to owners and we will detail the procedure and post-operative treatments for you.  

Following all procedures we keep pets for observation while anesthesia wears off. It is important to monitor your pet during all stages of any routine procedure to ensure the safety of your pet.  We take recovery of any procedure very serious, so we are actively concerned about keeping your pet stable and as pain-free as possible. 


Soft tissue surgery relates to any surgical procedure not relating to joints or bones. These procedures can be as simple as routine elective procedures like spaying or neutering your pet or very complex such as intra-abdominal surgical procedures. With careful evaluation from our staff of medical professionals, our team will provide the best care possible for and strive to make your pet’s procedure as comfortable and as safe as possible. 

A lot of preparation goes into any surgical event. We do not want your pet to suffer and we take great care and all preventative steps to ensure your pet is comfortable before, during and after their surgical procedures. To ensure a safe and comfortable visit, our doctors and technicians constantly monitor your pet during induction, maintenance and recovery from anesthesia. 


Post-operative pain is very common and a very common concern for pet owners and doctors alike. We understand what it is like to have pain, but it is sometimes not as recognizable when our pets are painful.  We take great care in planning an appropriate protocol for pain management.  These include analgesics given pre- and post-operatively as well as the use of local anesthetics when possible.


Many surgeries are routine such as spay or neuter and most pets will be ready to go home the same day as their surgery is performed. We work closely with you and your pet to determine their condition as it relates to their surgery and their individual potential for complications.  Each recovery plan is individualized to your pet and we work with you to ensure as speedy a recovery as possible.

If your pet experiences any unexpected or unforeseen complications, we advise you to contact our clinic to determine the best course of action. Depending on the circumstances and whether a post-operative emergency occurs during recovery, our veterinarian my recommend urgent care or emergency care with one of our emergency partners.

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